Green Diamond Resource Company is a fifth-generation, family-owned forest products company. With headquarters in Seattle, we own and manage forests in California, Oregon and Washington and produce redwood and Douglas-fir lumber. We manage our lands in an environmentally responsible manner and are third party certified as sustainable and productive working forests.
The District Forester is responsible for the planning, design, preparation, permitting, and scheduling of all of the District's harvest plans and road projects. Evaluate and manage harvest sequence change recommendations to balance short and long term impacts to financial goals, harvest levels, harvest capacity and customers. Ensure all Harvest Plans are of the highest ethical and professional standard while complying with State regulations and Green Diamond Resource Company guidelines.
Essential Functions:
(other duties may be assigned)
The following is a list of general job responsibilities for the District Forester position. This list is not all-inclusive and may be broadened or changed to meet changing business needs.
Lying out of harvest settings to provide logging operations the most productive harvest systems with the least environmental impact.
Ensures all harvests comply with all State and Federal regulations.
Identifies harvest layout priorities and assures timely Harvest approval to meet current and future goals without operational delays. Maximizes first quarter production opportunities.
Applies consistent and accurate application and communication of policies and procedures designed to promote efficiency and productivity.
Manages and supports development of Forest Technicians in order to maximize value in hiring, retention, and succession and goal attainment.
Provides the design and updating necessary to continually maintain an accurate and current Ten Year Harvest Plan in cooperation with the GIS Department. Provides accurate planning information to other departments on harvest methods, harvest capacity needs, road projects, and log sales information. Field check as necessary.
Manages the harvest schedule updates and provide leadership and cooperation between departments. Minimizes moves, maximizes capacity efficiency, and provides accurate production information and log sales forecasts. Manages sequence changes to assure current harvest while managing adjacencies to increase future harvest.
Budgets for Contract implementation of planting and reforestation effort utilizing an analysis of cost by method approach.
Conducts economic analysis of various activities and projects including harvest plan engineering alternatives, logging methods, hauling alternatives. Responsible for the margin analysis of harvest activities with uncertain economics.
Ability to track and accurately report log and fiber/chip volumes hauled on Federal and non-ownership roads (i.e. Road Use).
Assists the Logging Superintendent with supervision of contract logging of timber harvest.
Responsible for the timely surveying of all property line needs.
Maintains a working relationship with representatives of key regulatory agencies to ensure the ongoing success of an adequate inventory of approved harvest plans.
Utilizes good communication and negotiation skills when interaction with members of the community is required.
Assures a safe workplace. Takes personal initiative and an aggressive responsibility to insure ongoing safe behaviors through implementation and active participation in the company safety program with a goal of no accidents. Develops, implements, and facilitates safety elements to support the Divisions Injury and Illness Prevention Plan (IIPP).
Performs productive performance management reviews (written and verbal), for Forest Technicians, according to program.
Partakes in representing GDRCo at public meetings and community events.
Must have a B.S. in Forest Management, Natural Resource Management, or equivalent, plus five years of experience. Ten years of experience is required if incumbent does not have B.S. degree.
Valid Oregon State Driver's License.
Exhibit high professional and ethical standards.
Must be able to successfully pass a qualifying course in ATV training.
Must have proven supervisory and leadership to effectively lead a staff or crew with a focus on safety and goal achievement.
Ability to be highly motivated and self-direct.
Must be full proficient in Microsoft Office.
Exhibits strong leadership skills. Works with integrity, trust and commitment, setting an example for others.
Effective and professional relationships with co-workers within immediate work group, outside the immediate department, and with key contacts outside the company including agencies regulating resources in Oregon.
Effective and productive communications skills. Is approachable and open to discussion, being persuasive in discussions regarding conflicts over resource use, as well as have highly developed written communication skills.
Manages multiple priorities professionally with minimum disruption to others. Organized and proactively manages environment. Responds to unexpected challenges successfully without losing track of daily responsibilities. Prioritizes workload in order of importance. Reliably follows through with job assignments.
Learns, applies and retains new methods and information. Creative in solving problems. Exhibits a "can do" attitude with a positive approach to challenges. Views obstacles as opportunities to learn and grow.
Willingness to invest in longer working hours when projects demand more time commitment to accomplish important and/or timely goals.
The ability to work unsupervised.
Five years demonstrated management of company employees.
Familiarity with GIS.
Willingness to participate in continuing education programs and training related to the forestry profession.
This position is located in Klamath Falls, OR.
Field work in addition to a normal office environment with moderate noise levels, occasional lifting, regular walking, sitting, bending, twisting, standing and reaching.
Ability to orient, climb, and traverse steep rugged, densely vegetated terrain on a consistent basis in in sometimes harsh weather conditions for long periods of time.
Must have ability to work independently and without immediate supervision in remote areas.
Occasional travel to various locations in proximity to the Klamath Falls office requiring a vehicle and ability to drive.
Ability to tour logging operations, attend training and company functions.
Ability to perform consistent work on a PC.
Must maintain punctual and regular attendance and present appropriate professional appearance at all times.
Requires the use of standard safety equipment in regulation with GDRCo.
Works in conditions that may expose employee wildlife encounters, firefighting, reptile and/or insect bites.
This position may be exposed to marking paint, gas, diesel fumes, pollens and smoke.
This position is a Physical and Mental Requirement Classification 3.

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